Play Game Game unblocked will take Slither-style io game genre to the next level. It features two game modes for players to master. Feel free to enter the classic snake mode or the Zapper mode then take this chance to show off your skills. Whichever mode you choose, you should attempt to kill all enemy snakes to become the most powerful snake in the arena. You spawn as a small snake, and from this point, you must evolve yourself into a bigger snake by eating a lot of food dispersed around the arena. It may sound easy to eat food, but you must stay on guard all the time because other snakes can take on you. Avoid running into their bodies with your head, or you will be destroyed. But when your chance comes, take it and go kill them all. You can lure them into running into you, or speed up to cut them off, and try your best outplay them using your smart strategies. Don’t forget to eat their dead remains on the map to get your size bigger. Will you dominate the arena in game? Come play it now! Have a blast!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your snake and accelerate it using the left mouse button.