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Sword.io Game

Sword.io is an exciting multiplayer HTML 5 iO game. It has the same gameplay as Battle Royale Fortnite. In the new match, it’s important to become the last standing man. Therefore, you need to outsmart every opponent and stay alive at the end. Play Sword.io free online and you will fight a lot of aggressive enemies from around the real world at a time! Do not forget to avoid conflict if you are not ready! Meanwhile, you are recommended to collect available swords scattered across the map unblocked to prepare for dangerous situations. In Sword.io combat, you’d better keep your hero safe as long as possible. It is one of the top conditions to implement before you climb up to the position you want. Besides, you should not ignore how to throw and release the weapons more. Try to progress and earn gold coins to buy upgrades! Good luck!

How to play Sword.io

Press down the left mouse button to move and attack, release it to block and attack