Play Game Game is a strategy iO game. It’s free to find the challenge on the official site! Play like a tiny colorful snake and the goal is to be the King! Eating to increase your mass, scores will be one of the most important quests in the new unblocked match. Your tail will get longer each time you collect glowing orbs or the remains of other players. Indeed, you are allowed to absorb rivals’ pellets when they have fallen down. It is a way to boost your ranks in faster. However, it is also more dangerous than the classic method which relates to gathering passively generating food. Although you can see bots in offline or join the combat online, it does not mean they are safe to interact. You’d better avoid running into other bodies. Once your head crashes, you will explode into pieces in an instant. If you choose mods or hacks, you can ignore that worry. In fact, they provide tons of power-ups and cheats to defeat competitors and help you conquer the leaderboard easily. Select the playfield you love and begin your adventure now!

How to play

Use the mouse to navigate and perform tricks