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From the safe castle, heroes in the new RPG iO game will depart and take park in a dangerous journey online. Play one of them and embark on conquering all of the dungeons as soon as possible. Although these places are dark and full of deadly monsters, they will help you increase the chance to be the top player. unblocked is an interesting adventure inspired by the Diablo series. In the coming story, you can team up with other people while fighting against scary creatures, like However, you can choose to explore levels by yourself. In every situation, you must prevent the enemy from killing you. If you are damaged, remember to consume potions and recharge your HP immediately. When you knock down the foes, your XP will be added and you can buy upgrades. Besides, there are plenty of free rare and magical tools hidden in chests.

How to play

Use LMB to move and hot, RMB to interact with objects