Gunfu Game

Gunfu is a free for all 2d shooter io game. It is about an exciting online multiplayer competition. In which, you need to become the best character. To achieve the goal, you’d better destroy as many rivals as possible. You will earn scores and dominate the top spot as you expect. It’s available to play Gunfu unblocked at school or at home! Enter the battlefield with some simple weapons and try to deploy them properly to eliminate the target! When you advance in levels, you will be able to unlock upgrades. They are stronger tools that allow you to attack and defend your player in various ways. Do not forget to create kill streaks! Each stage will offer different items. Therefore, you are recommended to choose the most appropriate ones. Besides, you can dash to run away or chase someone. Pick out the nearest area and enter the playfield right now!

How to play Gunfu

Use the mouse to move the player, LMB to fire, RMB to run away