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In an interesting 1vs1 drawing and guessing game called, you play against a random opponent in various rounds then see who will conquer all rounds. unblocked is considered to be a good io game for you to sharpen your drawing and guessing skills. At the start of a round, one player has a turn to draw a masterpiece. You need to create that masterpiece following some rules: such as no numbers, letters, symbols. Your friend will be the one who guesses that masterpiece. But if your friend is drawing, you need to give out the correct answer quickly to earn more points. At the end of the game, your points will be changed to XP and Coins if you already have an account. After that, you can buy items in the shop. Try your best to beat your friend with your best score to become the winner. Play online for free! Don’t forget to play other drawing and guessing io games! Much fun with it!
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How to play

The left mouse button is used for drawing and the keyboard is used for typing your answers.