Play Game Game is a free-for-all strategy title placed in the classic style that other popular iO games base on. It is about a competitive match. In which, you will play like a tiny magical monster named Chomper. To dominate the top spot, do not forget to turn into the biggest creature ever. Travel throughout the map of online and eat treats scattered on the ground. Additionally, you can remove bugs on the path. Furthermore, it is exciting to defend against every opponent in that arena. There are a lot of weapons to chose from for that unblocked battle. They can be a devilish trident, an ent’s branch, a banana club, or a carrot mace. When you consume sweets and knocking somebody down, your experience points will be increased. Especially, your mass will be added more. That is similar to the mechanism of or Growing is a crucial element to conquer leaderboard sooner. Of course, it is not an easy journey. Boost your speed whenever you are not sure to run away! It is also effective to chase, hunt for more food. Your friend is very hungry. Let’s hop into the challenge now!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor to control your character, Left mouse to attack, Right mouse to accelerate