Play Game Game is one of the top free Battle Royale io games with some changes. It is a 2D top-down shooter in which you need to be the last survivor. Staying alive at the end of the challenge is the main aim that you are forced to accomplish. It is a multiplayer match and you can encounter a lot of strong online rivals at once. Play unblocked as known as Arx Arcana: Dungeon Royale you do not forget to defend your character. The map is always full of deadly attacks and dangerous situations. You’d better avoid all of them before they cause the death of you. Aside from evading, you are able to damage other people to improve your own survivability. Are you ready to take part in the adventure and become the winner? Select the hero you want and show up your skills with spells wisely right now!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrow keys to walk around, LMB to fire, Shift to speed up, 1-3 to choose abilities, RMB to drop abilities