Airport Clash 3D

Airport Clash 3D

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Airport Clash 3D Game

Play Airport Clash 3D one of the most popular team-based io games free online! It is also a unique action shooter made by the creator of Subway Clash 3D. Join the new challenge and you will control a group of raiders. The mission that you need to do before you take over the top spot is to capture the enemy’s base. It is an abandoned airport terminal. You’d better complete that target quickly. Airport Clash 3D unblocked will offer some heavy weapons to choose from such as a Gatling gun or a Barret Rifle. They are great to crush the rival and everything om the path. However, you are advised to search for good hidden tools and power-ups while roaming. The playfield is pretty large. Therefore, you can be killed by snipers whenever. Aside from walking, you are able to jump or crouch to defend your body. If you win a match, you can obtain upgrades for your own stats. Have fun!

How to play Airport Clash 3D

Use WASD or Arrow keys to walk around, Space to jump, C to crouch, Tab to view stats, RMB to zoom before you sniper